March 2nd 2018

Live Earth Competition for Primary Schools

Pupils in Year 5 from four local primary schools have been learning about the global impacts of climate change and speaking up to local leaders about the need for change. The Live Earth Competition, organised by Global Sleaford (an informal group of friends working to raise awareness of climate change), is supported by North Kesteven District Council, Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant and Christian Aid.

John Beverley, a volunteer teacher with Christian Aid, has engaged the children in interactive workshops in each of the schools involved. Christian Aid work widely throughout the world with poorer communities and see first hand the effect that climate change is having in other parts of the world. The workshops teach the pupils about the global impact of climate change, particularly in poorer communities around the world.

To support the teachers to educate students on the solutions to climate change, the Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant has invited teachers on a tour to see how low carbon electricity is generated and supplied to local buildings, and will provide them with a primary school loan box of resources which are available to schools in North Kesteven.

The children are invited to write a letter to their local council leader and MP to ask them to help in tackling the problem. As well as learning more about climate change, the competition will help the pupils to understand and engage with the democratic process to bring about change.

‘Champions’ whose letters are shortlisted will be invited to attend a prize-giving event in the Council Chamber at the offices of North Kesteven District Council on 17th April. As well as receiving prizes for themselves and their school, the winners will have the opportunity to read their letters directly to the Leader of the Council and to speak to them about the issue.

For more information regarding the competition contact Les Parker, Global Sleaford; Tel: 01529 410702; Email:

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